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Divisions - Process Analytics

Spectra Technical Services embrace a total systems approach to meet the growing operational & environmental monitoring demands of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Power sector industries. Custom built analyzer shelters for classified areas, Process gas chromatographs (PGC), Online Gas analyzers, online water quality analyzers are some of our specialty packages.

Process Analyzers

  • Continuous Gas Analyzers
  • Dew Point Analyzers for Natural gas
  • Water Quality Analyzers
  • Air Quality Analyzers
  • High Purity Gas Analyzer Systems
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Gas Chromatographs

  • Series 100 GC
  • Series 600 GC
  • Online Gas Chromatography
  • Lab Gas Chromatography
  • Laboratory Analyzers

  • Portable Gas Analyzers
  • Bench Top Analyzers
  • Our Partners